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By Evgeni Stavinov

This ebook is a suite of brief articles on a number of points of FPGA layout: synthesis, simulation, porting ASIC designs, floorplanning and timing closure, layout methodologies, functionality, sector and gear optimizations, RTL coding, IP middle choice, and so on. The ebook is meant for approach architects, layout engineers, and scholars who are looking to increase their FPGA layout talents. either beginner and professional common sense and engineers can locate bits of beneficial details. This ebook is written via a working towards FPGA good judgment clothier, and encompasses a lot of illustrations, code examples, and scripts. instead of offering info acceptable to all FPGA proprietors, this booklet variation makes a speciality of Xilinx Virtex-6 and Spartan-6 FPGA households. Code examples are written in Verilog HDL. All code examples, scripts, and initiatives supplied within the publication can be found on accompanying site:

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The same function under Verilog-2001 can be described by using built-in operators and keywords. Auto-extending ‘bz and ‘bx assignments. In Verilog-95 the following code wire [63:0] mydata = ‘bz; will assign the value of z to mydata[31:0], and zero to mydata[63:32]. Verilog-2001 will extend ‘bz and ‘bx assignments to the full width of the variable. A generate construct allows Verilog-2001 to control instance and statement instantiation using if/else/case control. Using generate construct, developers can easily instantiate an array of instances with correct connectivity.

Connecting ports in a module instance Verilog defines two ways to connect ports in instantiated modules: by name and by port order. Using the ordered port connection method, the first element in the port list is connected to the first port declared in the module, the second to the second port, and so on. Connecting ports by name allows more flexibility. For example, an unconnected output port can be omitted. Although it requires larger amount of code than using “by order” method, it is more readable and less error-prone, especially for large modules with hundreds of ports.

Module register_inference( input clk,areset,sreset, input [4:0] d_in, output reg [4:0] d_out); // positive edge clock, asynchronous active-high reset always @( posedge clk , posedge areset) if( areset ) d_out[0] <= 1'b0; else d_out[0] <= d_in[0]; // negative edge clock, asynchronous active-low reset always @( negedge clk , negedge areset) if( ~areset ) d_out[1] <= 1'b0; else d_out[1] <= d_in[1]; // negative edge clock, no reset always @( negedge clk ) d_out[2] <= d_in[2]; // Positive edge clock, synchronous active-high reset.

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