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By Faith Hickman Brynie

Asks and solutions questions about middle, blood, and circulatory approach. acceptable for heart institution, highschool, and non-physician adults. comprises details on center motion, palpitations, center assaults, leeches, transplants, blood chemistry, and the significance of nutrition, workout, and never smoking in keep cardiovascular well-being.

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It’s no wonder that the ancients considered the heart, not the brain, the seat of love and emotion. Experts compare the chemistry of love with the rush of physical changes that prepares us to battle or to run from a wild animal on the attack. 29 Does all this scientific analysis rob love of its mystery and excitement? Pauline Williamson answers that question in her delightful poem. . “Hormones” Since Adam and Eve at the ‘ginin of time we’ve had some feelins that we just can’t deny it has nothin to do with love and romance when you move to the beat of the primal dance • 36 • feel the fire rushin up ya and tinglin your skin you feel it all buildin from deep within when you have to ask is this love or this lust just put your faith in someone you can trust when your body’s just sayin you gotta have that and your heart doesn’t care who’s holdin the bat then the bug that you’ve got is a chemical stew so just go and enjoy it you know that I do!

DeBakey’s VAD has only one moving part, which researchers hope will minimize risks of damaging red cells and clotting. It could never provide a permanent solution, but it might allow a patient to leave the hospital while waiting • 54 • for a transplant. LVADs are valuable, but they fall short of meeting the engineer’s list of criteria for a TAH. Not that TAHs haven’t been tried. In 1957, a team led by Dutch-born physician Willem Kolff tested a model in animals. In 1969, Denton Cooley, at the Texas Heart Institute, kept a patient alive for more than 60 hours with a different model.

You are seeing Is the Blood not blood, but the fibrous walls of the veins as in My Veins they look under a layer of skin. To a surgeon, Blue? they appear colorless. When you cut yourself and bleed from a vein, the blood looks bright red. Why? Because hemoglobin combines with oxygen as soon as it comes in contact with air. Inside the body bright-red oxygen-rich blood flows through the arteries and the pulmonary vein. Dark-red blood that has lost its oxygen flows to the heart through veins and to the lungs through the pulmonary artery.

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