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By James C. Bobrow, MD

This part underwent significant revision for the 2008-2009 variation. part eleven studies the anatomy, body structure, embryology, and pathology of the lens. It additionally covers the epidemiology of cataracts and their overview and administration in adults. moreover, an summary of lens and cataract surgical procedure is equipped, problems of cataract surgical procedure are mentioned, and cataract surgical procedure in distinct occasions is explored. includes many new pictures.

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The dislocated lens may bisect the pupil or may be completely luxated from the pupillary space. This disorder is usually bilateral but not symmetric. Characteristically, the iris dilates poorly. Associated ocular anomalies include severe axial myopia, retinal detachment, enlarged corneal diameter, cataract, and abnormal iris transillumination. Persistent Fetal Vasculature Persistent fetal vasculature (PFV), also known as persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV), is a congenital, nonhereditary ocular malformation that frequently involves the lens.

Those species that have high aldose reductase activities develop lens opacities, whereas those lacking aldose reductase do not. In addition, specific inhibitors of this enzymatic activity, 16 . Lens and Cataract applied either systemically or topically to 1 eye, decrease the rate of onset and the severity of sugar cataracts in experimental studies. Oxidative Damage and Protective Mechanisms Free radicals are generated in the course of normal cellular metabolic activities and may also be produced by external agents such as radiant energy.

38 . Figure Lens and Cataract 4-12 A cerulean cataract consists of small bluish opacities in the cortex. Johns, (Courtesy of Karla J. ) Figure 4-13 Congenital nuclear pia. Eye Care Skills for the Primary ogy; 1987) cataract. Care Physician (Reproduced from Day SH. Understanding Series [slidescriptJ. San Francisco' American and Preventing AmblyoAcademy of Ophthalmol- of severity. Lens opacification may involve the complete nucleus or be limited to discrete layers within the nucleus. Eyes with congenital nuclear cataracts tend to be microphthalmic, Capsular Capsular cataracts are small opacifications of the lens epithelium and anterior lens capsule that spare the cortex.

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