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By Sondra Komblatt

In A higher mind at Any Age, Sondra Kornblatt, besides the specialists she has interviewed, is helping readers positioned their heads on immediately via fit actions for the physique (exercise, fit nutrition intake, and leisure) and during particular actions to spice up mind strength like flow, eye rolls, supplementations, and making environmental changes.

Each of the seven chapters-Body-Mind Connection; Environmental aid; meals and supplementations; Intelligence and studying; reminiscence, studying Shortcuts, and Brain-Stretchers; feelings and judgements; and Meditation and larger Perspectives-details how that subject affects the mind, and provides counsel and highlights for readers to both delve into the ebook or peruse it for fast boosts. Kornblatt teaches readers the right way to decrease mind rigidity and optimize psychological agility, and stocks info on how the mind interacts with the physique, what conduct impression the mind, absolutely and negatively, and the way to maximise studying. She presents easy methods to boost reminiscence, cognition, and creativity so readers can functionality higher of their lively lives.

A larger mind at Any Age bargains an entire plan for overall mind wellbeing and fitness in an attractive and obtainable means.

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