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By Yuri Rytkheu

“Rarely has humanity’s dating to nature been so fantastically and vividly depicted. A Dream in Polar Fog is either based and fascinating and in addition serves as a residing anthropology of a long gone international. It accomplishes every thing a unique should.”––Neal Pollack

A Dream in Polar Fog is instantaneously a cross-cultural trip, an ethnographic chronicle of the Chukchi humans, and a politically and emotionally charged Arctic experience story.

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Armol’, go and bring a puppy from my yaranga,” said Kelena, taking charge. While Armol’ was off on his errand, the sick man was moved closer to the center, and the braziers were raised high on supports, so that their light could fall 53 from above. Kelena laid out her instruments on a clean bleached piece of sealskin: sharpened knives, needles and bones, tightly wound thread made of deer tendons, pieces of fur and long strips of clean, soft deerskin. Armol’ carried the struggling puppy into the room.

John lay on his back. All around him was the buzz of incomprehensible conversation. It acted as a soporific, like a quiet ocean tide or a gurgling stream. Before he fell into a deep sleep, the kind face of Captain Hugh flickered across John’s consciousness. Only, for some 41 reason, his hair and close shave were that of a Chukcha deer herder. But John had no time to be surprised at this – he was asleep. 42 5 Orvo slowly packed the tiny pipe bowl with tobacco and, drawing deeply, passed it on to Il’motch, the yaranga’s owner.

She has done it before. ” He was addressing Orvo. “I know him,” Orvo nodded. ” “That was Kelena’s work, taking off his feet,” declared Il’motch, with a touch of pride. ” Orvo shifted his eyes in the direction of the smoke-hole. “Even better than before,” Il’motch confirmed. “Especially when she tells the future with a deer shoulder blade. As though the naked truth lies before her. ” Orvo looked around at his fellows, as though searching for support. His eyes were fearful and uncertain. Neither Toko nor Armol’ had ever seen the old man like this.

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