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By Rod Norville

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ISBN: 1933255498
EAN: 9781933255491
ASIN: 1933255498
Publisher: Dna Press
Publication Date: 2009-09-01
Number of Pages: 230
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Taking position around the obstacles of time, this riveting, romantic experience asserts the plausibility of time go back and forth via medical truth as Dr. Greg Philips travels down a twisting street to correct a poor mistaken from his previous. After being engaged through the U.S. executive to scientifically validate out-of-body remote-viewing espionage, Dr. Philips by accident creates a mini black gap, which he then becomes a time-travel automobile. Explaining in complete aspect the operation and layout of the transmission electron microscope used to make the black gap in addition to introducing the technological know-how of holographic concept, astral projection, and Heisenberg's Uncertainty precept, this exciting and informative learn is ideal for any scholar of technological know-how in addition to for enthusiasts of technological know-how fiction, romance, and suspense.

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A MONTH LATER Greg stretched his legs and tried to get comfortable in the tight confines of the JAL 747 business class seat. He looked at his digital watch and concluded they were about to cross the international dateline. They’d been in the air just over eight hours with five more to go to their destination. 50 A Man Beyond Time He thought back at his flurry of activity with david after his critique of their failed holographic tests. First, Ken had gotten approval from Tex to spend up to one million dollars on the special microscope he and david had specified in detail.

He slid his glasses back up his nose. “it can explain how our minds have an instant effect across great distances ... ” Ken shoved his beer away. “drink up, everybody. ” Ken and Greg walked across the asphalt parking lot and stood under a tall light pole. Ken shoved his hands deep into his jacket pockets and looked at Greg with penetrating eyes. “Greg, we need to come up with a scientific explanation for the CiA on how a spy can be in two places at the same time. ” Greg answered, “i’ve got an idea, but it will take me some lab time to prepare an experiment proposal.

Rather, he sees a universal consciousness as the makeup of both. ” Ken asked. ” david raised a hand. ” Ken paused as Molly arrived with another round and then continued, “A holograph starts with a hologram, a two dimensional record of a 360 degree image of any object. it’s constructed by the interfering waves of a single frequency wavelength beam of light that has bombarded the object. ” david’s face lit up. ” Greg answered. Ken asked slowly, “Greg, are you saying that our brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe?

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