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By Rajeev Alur; T A Henzinger; Stanford University. Computer Science Department

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If the receiver is ready to receive a message, it asynchronously issues an interface ready event to signal its readiness to the sender. The second subround belongs to the atom Stage2 of the sender. If the sender sees an external ready event and is ready to send a message, it synchronously issues an interface transmit event to signal a transmission, and it offers the message which is to be transmitted in the interface variable msg S . The third subround belongs to the atom Stage3 of the receiver.

B) In part (a), can you replace “passive” by “asynchronous” and “initialized trajectory” by “trace”? 5 {P1} [Classification of modules] A module may be asynchronous and passive, synchronous and passive, asynchronous and active, or synchronous and active. Give examples for all four classes of modules. Private determinism For a deterministic module, the behavior of the controlled variables, both private and interface, is uniquely determined by the behavior of the external variables. Thus, for a nondeterministic module, nondeterminism may manifest itself in the initialization and updating of private variables, or of interface variables, or both.

Variable hiding Given a module P , and an interface variable x in intfXP , by hiding x in P we obtain the module hide x in P with the set privXP ∪ {x} of private variables, the set intfXP \{x} of interface variables, the set extlXP of external variables, and the set atomsP of atoms. 11 [Hiding several variables] In Rml, we write hide x1 , x2 in P as an abbreviation for the module hide x1 in (hide x2 in P ), which is identical to the module hide x2 in (hide x1 in P ). 14. Our conventions for the pictorial representation of variable renaming and variable hiding are evident from the figure.

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