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By Sujin Boriharnwanaket

A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas is a advisor to the improvement of the Buddha's direction of knowledge, overlaying all features of human existence and human behaviour, solid and undesirable. This examine explains that correct figuring out is quintessential for psychological improvement, the improvement of calm in addition to the advance of perception the writer describes intimately all psychological phenomena (citta and cetasika), and actual phenomena (rupa) and explains the methods of psychological phenomena that adventure items throughout the sense-doors and the mind-door. The final chapters are within the type of questions and solutions and take care of the difficulties one could face within the improvement of perception. For precision many Pali phrases are used yet however the booklet will be liked by means of either newcomers and in addition to those that have extra historical past wisdom.

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In reality the world lasts just for one moment, namely, when citta arises and cognizes an object just for that moment; and then the world falls away together with the citta. In the “Buddhist Psychological Ethics” ( the “Dhammasangaùi”, Book I, Part I, Ch I, § 6) several synonyms for citta have been given. Citta is called mind (mano or månasa), heart (hadaya), “that which is pure”(paùèara), mind-base (manåyatana), faculty of mind (manindriya), consciousness (viññåùa), the khandha of consciousness (viññåùakkhandha), the element of “mind-consciousness” (mano-viññåùa dhåtu) 3.

Citta, cetasika and rúpa fell away for good, never to arise again. This was the cessation of rebirth, the end of the cycle of birth and death. There are four stages of attaining enlightenment and at each of these stages defilements are eradicated. The sotåpanna (stream-winner, who has attained the first stage of enlightenment), the sakadågåmí (once-returner, who has attained the second stage of enlightenment), and the anågåmí (non-returner, who has attained the third stage of enlightenment) are “learners” (sekha), because they still have to continue to develop higher degrees of paññå in order to eradicate the defilements which are still remaining.

9. What is the meaning of cittaja rúpa? When does it arise? Which cittas in the fivekhandha planes of existence are not conditions for cittaja rúpa? 42 10. What is the right motivation for the study of the Dhamma? ******** 1 Pronounce: chitta. Citta is accompanied by cetasikas, mental factors, which also experience the object, but citta is the leader in cognizing the object. 3 The same synonyms have been given in Mahå-Niddesa, Pasúra Sutta, no. 319. 4 Mindfulness of Body, of Feeling, of Citta and of Dhammas.

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