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By John R. Dupuche

During this work,he describes some of the tantras and locations in their apex the main severe of them, the Kula ritual. It additionally presents a translation of Jayaratha's statement. the Kula ritual leads the practitioner to extra exalted levels of mantras to arrive the top point of attention, the "mantravyapti", the pervasion of the chant. the person that is familiar with this pervasion is a Bhairava..

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For h is teach ers etc. see ibid. 95 I OO. For a tabular chart of his family and preceptorial lin eage, see the chart following ibid. 92. 5 . 689. 6 . Rastogi , p. I 43 . 7 . ibid. p . I 09 . 8 . ibid. pp. 1 03 1 04. I. 2. 3. 4. 30 The Kula Ritual inveighed. 9 If so, there is little evidence of contention in Jayaratha's commentary for he gives the impression of being focussed and unassailable . These other commentaries have not survived so that the Tantriiloka is in the unusual position of having only one comme ntary or investiga­ tion which is yet thorough and complete.

He seems to have used a base text plus three other manuscripts designated by the niigari letters Ka, Kha and Ga. These three are referred to in footnotes and give the variant readings. On the other hand he 15. 1 6. 17. 1 8. 83 84. 3 1 lines 1 -3. 653. ibid. 652. 28 The Kula Ritual may have used just these three manuscripts. 1 9 From the fourteenth chapter onwards, and therefore including TA 29, no variant read­ ings are indicated. Are we to conclude that the manuscripts all agree? In any case, ' .

Voluntarism has no part to play in this system. Rather, the sakti spontaneously arises, of her own volition, so to speak. Yet consciousness is not a detachment, an uninvolved observa­ tion. The sakti is consciousness recognising itself and assenting to itself. 7 It stands in relation to sakti as does S iva or as consciousness does to self-revelation. It occurs frequently in TA 29 where it refers to the male practitioner in union with his sexual partner, for these have become assimilated to the divine pair.

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