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By Anatoli Boukreev

Contributor note: Galen A. Rowell (Foreword)
Publish yr note: First released 2001

When Anatoli Boukreev died at the slopes of Annapurna on Christmas day, 1997, the area misplaced one of many maximum adventurers of our time.

In Above the Clouds, either the fellow and his amazing climbs on Mt. McKinley, K2, Makalu, Manaslu, and Everest-including his diary entries at the notorious 1996 catastrophe, written almost immediately after his return-are immortalized. There are also minute technical information about the ability of mountaineering, in addition to own reflections on what lifestyles skill to an individual who hazards it each day. absolutely illustrated with lovely colour photographs, Above the Clouds is a different and breathtaking examine the realm from its such a lot distant peaks.

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