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By Muhktar Abduyev

In his sped up Reclamation of Alkaline Argillaceous Soils of Azerbaijan, Professor Mukhtar Abduyev describes the tackling of a original challenge which had huge, immense implications for Azerbaijan's protection of foodstuff offer. the duty used to be to discover extra effective equipment of reclaiming the saline soils that coated greater than 60% of the republic's lowlands - a few 2.5 million hectares have been immune to development. latest tools of reclamation concerned huge quantities of water for leaching and the development of in depth drainage structures; those equipment may perhaps absorb to ten years to turn into powerful. Prof. Abduyev generally followed a realistic clinical procedure, getting to know a number of tools of salt elimination and their influence on soils and the plants to be grown in them. He used to be additionally a hugely revered instructor and was once at once fascinated by box investigations, while offering management and useful hands-on event for graduate scholars and study staff. Prof....

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R. Abduyev, 1962, 1965). Thus, the results of the research into leaching of the lowland soils of Azerbaijan indicate that the saline soils of the republic are, in most cases, only difficultly desalinized through the usual leaching, and demand the use of more effective systems of reclamation. To raise the effectiveness of the leaching of difficultly reclaimable solonchak soils, many investigators recommend that the collector drainage network be broken into smaller parts, and that the standard leaching rates be sharply increased.

Ahmadov, (1972). * Table data are provided in the Appendices. * However, the first leaching with water feed 4,000 m3/hectare desalinized soils up to one metre depth. Fig 2. The nature of the leaching of salts in leaching of soils without the use of chemical reclamation agents. 1 - initial content of chlorine in the salts; 11 - the same with respect to dissolved solids; 2 - content of chlorine in the salts after the 1st leaching; 21 - the same with respect to dissolved solids; 3 - content of of chlorine in the salts after the 2nd leaching; 31 - the same with respect to dissolved solids; 4 - content of chlorine in the salts after the 3rd leaching; 41 - the same with respect to dissolved solids.

As distinguished from surface horizons, the NaCl content in the 1-2 m layer sharply rises (by 90 tonnes/ha), which certainly is related to leaching of these salts [(NaCl)] out of upper soil horizons. It should be noted that the magnesium chloride salts were found to be 10 tonnes/ha prior to the leaching in the upper half-metre layer of the soils. After the first leaching they were completely leached into the medium layers (75-150 cm) of the soils (Table 7). No calcium chloride was discovered in the soil prior to the leaching.

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