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Fifth edition

DK's First reduction Manual covers each point of first reduction, together with what it capability to be a primary aider, easy methods to use crucial gear, and coverings for greater than a hundred diversified stipulations, from splinters and sprained ankles to strokes and unconsciousness. transparent step by step images, all shot in-situ to mirror real-life occasions, is featured in the course of the book.

Key Features:

· step by step images all through, to teach the reader precisely what to do in any situation

· Quick-reference emergency first relief section

· transparent anatomy and body structure sections, to assist the reader comprehend therapy priorities

· each situation truly defined with motives, signs, and indicators, in addition to motion plans

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An abnormally fast or slow pulse may be a sign of illness. The pulse may be felt at the wrist (radial pulse), or if this is not possible, the neck (carotid pulse). In babies, the pulse in the upper arm (brachial pulse) is easier to find. When checking a pulse, use your fingers (not your thumb) and press lightly against the skin. Record the following points. ■ Rate (number of beats per minute). ■ Strength (strong or weak). ■ Rhythm (regular or irregular). Brachial pulse Radial pulse Carotid pulse Place the pads of two fingers on the inner side of an infant’s upper arm.

Give first aid to those with life-threatening injuries before treating anyone else. Call 911 for emergency help, giving as much detail as you can about the accident, indicating number and age of the casualties, and types of injury. MAKING THE ACCIDENT AREA SAFE Do not put yourself or others in further danger. Take the following precautions: ■ Park safely, well away from the site of the accident, set your hazard lights flashing, and put on a high-visibility jacket/vest if you have one. ■ Set up warning triangles or flares (or position another vehicle that has hazard lights) at least 50 yards (45 meters) from the accident in each direction; bystanders can do this while you attend to the casualty.

92) and, ultimately, death. The airway is open and clear if the casualty is talking to you. ■ Breathing Is the casualty breathing normally? If the casualty is not breathing normally, call 911 for emergency help, then start chest compressions with rescue breaths (cardiopulmonary resuscitation/CPR). 46–48). 49–51). Your aim is to find out: ■ History What actually happened and any relevant medical history. ■ Symptoms Injuries or abnormalities that the casualty tells you about. ■ Signs Injuries or abnormalities that you can see.

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