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By Lidia Ogiela

The improvement of laptop technology is now so fast that we, the readers, in-creasingly obtain know-how information approximately new strategies and functions which quite often straddle the border among the true and the digital worlds. machine technological know-how can also be the world during which cognitive technology is witnessing a renaissance, be-cause its mix with technical sciences has given start to a large medical self-discipline referred to as cognitive informatics. And it's this self-discipline which has turn into the most topic of this monograph, that is additionally to function a type of consultant to cognitive informatics difficulties.

This e-book is the results of paintings on platforms for the cognitive research and inter-pretation of assorted information. the aim of such an analytical procedure is to teach that for an in-depth research of knowledge, the layers of semantics contained in those units has to be taken into consideration. The interdisciplinary nature of the strategies proposed signifies that the topic of cognitive platforms forming a part of cognitive informatics turns into a brand new problem for the examine and alertness paintings performed.

The authors of this monograph wish that it'll advisor Readers on an attractive and actual trip in the course of the intricacies of data and cognitive technology.

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The cognitive resonance phenomenon Cognitive resonance becomes the cornerstone of the process of understanding (as such) the analysed data sets. This understanding occurs as follows. The stream of expectations generated by certain hypothetic semantic content (meaning) of data and the stream of features characteristic for the specific data set are compared, as a result of which certain pairs of expectations and features identified in the analysed data can gain in importance (become significant) or, conversely, lose importance (become insignificant).

After the probability of occurrence of significant phones has been determined, there comes the stage of information decoding leading to recognising the sentence. This way, the entire speech recognition process is executed. e. the person pronouncing the given words. In this analysis it is not the content of the statement that is analysed, but only the person making that statement, so the speech signal is analysed to enable distinguishing different speakers from one another not only if they say different statements, but primarily when their statements are similar or identical.

The purpose of the medical image analysis conducted was to find what deformations have occurred in the examined organ and what disease processes they may be symptoms of. Just recognising the analysed shape and an attempt to classify it are not enough, as these can very easily be disturbed, even if only by the natural differences between individuals concerning the structure of the organs examined, and also if there is no lesion present. With regards to cases of an organ in which there actually is a lesion, the analysis conducted is aimed at confirming the occurring pathology of this organ and identifying other information significant for both the physician and the patient.

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