Download Adventure Guide to the Alaska Highway, 2nd Edition (Hunter by Ed Readicker-Henderson, Lyn Readicker-Henderson PDF

By Ed Readicker-Henderson, Lyn Readicker-Henderson

The Alaska street offers a path to Alaska's untouched North. This advisor explores the points of interest and actions alongside its direction, from the Indian settlements and flora and fauna refuges to actions resembling scuba diving, climbing, paragliding, waterskiing and rafting.

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You can be as far from civilization as you want in a community without wheeled vehicles, or right in the center of Anchorage, a more than luxurious city that spends 1% of its annual budget on art. " Anything can happen here. The Gold Rushes Even a brief look at the history of the North shows that if it werent for gold, there still might not be anybody north of Seattle. The Russians stuck pretty much to the coastline while Alaska was theirs move 100 miles inland and its almost impossible to find a Russian place name perhaps because they had their own great North, and crossing Siberia had dimmed their ardor for Arctic land crossings.

Their jaws are strong enough to take off your leg. If you provoke one, it will react. However, the bears really have no interest in you at all. In fact, theyre appalled that youre there, and theyll do anything they can to get away from you. This makes it fairly easy to stay safe. To avoid untoward encounters with bears, there are a few simple precautions you should take. The easiest thing to do is avoid contact. Never get out of your car when you spot one. When hiking, make some noise to alert bears of your presence.

Furthermore, you endanger yourself. Every year people are attacked by moose. Invariably, the moose wins. Finally, you are depriving others of a chance to see the animal. Never forget that these animals are wild and interested only in their own survival. When you spot an animal, pull your car slowly to the side of the road. A Canadian Park Ranger told us that the biggest danger on the Alaska Highway is from people who do not follow this advice, thus causing accidents. Its more exciting for everybody to see a bear than to come around a corner and find someone stopped in the center of the road trying to watch a bear.

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