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Charlemagne was also guilty of having deepened the mutual distrust. For it was likewise the period of his when he imposed empire and went so the Filioque upon the churches far as to refuse the per Filium in the Libri Carolini, thus giving for a long time credence in the Greek mind to the idea that the Latins allow two princi- of the Holy Ghost and that the formula of several Eastern Fathers, a formula which the Council of Florence was ples to recognize as possibly equivalent in meaning to the Filioque, was in reality Slavophiles date opposed to from this to the West !

Slavoa whole people the Russians 46 CULTURAL FACTORS benefitted philes by the contributions of German Roman- and Idealism, of the German idea of a ticism Volksgeist, which the Slavophiles transposed into a highly spiritual theology of the Church wherein the people themselves the Orthodox Russian people holiness. 46 are seems clear to It the of truth and bearers us, at least, that the Slavophiles have erected into absolutes the Eastern and national elements, at least as they are conceived by them and highly idealized.

57 However, Innocent III saved the honor of the papacy and of the Before the enterprise, he condemned it, Christian name. 11 hostile projects tian Byzantines; after the capture against the Chris- of the city at the insti- gation of the Venetians, he accepted the event and saw in it a means, providentially allowed by God perhaps, to re- union and to group the Christian forces against the Turks* But he emphatically disavowed the outrages establish committed against the Byzantines. 58 Unfortunately and against the interests of Venice all relentlessly Christianity, pursued an imperialistic policy which, in the territories of the Near East where she had estab- 24 POLITICAL FACTORS of trade of her dominion, caused Latinism of the narrowest kind to reign and ruined for a long time lished the centers the chances of union.

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