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By Jennifer I. Lim

This reference showcases exudative and nonexudative AMD remedy ideas utilizing argon and diode lasers, submacular and macular translocation surgical procedure, photodynamic treatment, radiation, feeder vessel remedy, thermotherapy, and antiangiogenesis medicines. together with a hundred and sixty colour illustrations, Age-Related Macular Degeneration will gain medical ophthalmologists, pathologists, physiologists, and pharmacologists; optometrists; cellphone and molecular biologists and biochemists; retinal experts; AMD researchers; and graduate and clinical college scholars in those disciplines.

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Gass (21) has suggested two types of CNVM: Type I, common in AMD, grows under the RPE, while type 11, seen in other pathologies such as the presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (POHS), grows under the neurosensory retina (Fig. 8,9). Gass postulated that, since there is a generalized weakening of normal adhesion between the RPE and Bruch’s membrane in AMD, the proliferating choroidal vessels are growing unimpeded in the sub-RPE space. In contrast, POHS includes only focal defects in the RPE–Bruch’s membrane integrity, and therefore, the vascular proliferation cannot easily grow under the RPE.

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