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By Lewis Richmond

The bestselling writer of Work as a religious perform presents a user’s lifestyles advisor to getting older good and making each year enjoyable and transformative.

Everything adjustments. For Zen Buddhist priest and meditation instructor Lewis Richmond, this primary Buddhist guiding principle is the root for a brand new internal highway map that emerges within the later years, charting an knowing that could deliver new chances and a wealth of appreciation and gratitude for the existence trip itself.

Aging as a non secular Practice is a sensible, compassionate e-book that courses readers in the course of the 4 key levels of aging—such as “Lightning moves” (the second we get up to our aging)—as good because the techniques of adapting to alter, embracing who we're, and appreciating our special lifestyles chapters. not like many philosophical works on getting older this one contains illuminating evidence from medical researchers, medical professionals, and psychologists in addition to contemplative practices and guided meditations. Breath via breath, second through second, Richmond’s teachings motivate unlimited possibilities for a pleasure that transcends age.

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That tells me that spiritual experience is a common human value, and when I teach it I try to find a definition of spiritual practice broad enough to include everyone. Paying attention to aging is important because aging itself is important. It matters. Aging, like all spiritual practice, has to do with life’s fundamentals. When I teach meditation to beginners, I sometimes start by asking people to speak a word or short phrase that expresses what really matters to them: in other words, their core spiritual values.

If you are feeling contentment today, know that you may lose it, but also know that you can find it again. In sum: Pay attention to your experience of aging through the lens of your emotions. What you feel can help you determine where you are in the stages of aging and also help you understand, as Marcia did, that emotions are not the whole story. AGING BREATH BY BREATH I saw Marcia again a few days later and asked her how she was feeling. She said, “Much better. I spent the weekend leading a meditation retreat, and by the end I realized how foolish I’d been.

Some people end their life disappointed. But regardless of circumstance, everyone can say, as Sarah did, “This is my life. ” When the Stages Happen All at Once Occasionally we experience all the stages within a short period of time. I’ve already mentioned the moment lightning struck for me. The full story is a yearlong journey that took me through all four of aging’s stages, from the shock of Lightning Strikes to deep Appreciation. After many years of training as a Zen priest, at thirty-six I was a busy business executive and my blood pressure had been going up.

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