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By Cynthia Y. Young

The hot third variation of Cynthia Young's Algebra & Trigonometry keeps to bridge the distance among in-class paintings and homework by way of aiding readers conquer universal studying boundaries and construct self belief of their skill to do mathematics.  The textual content beneficial properties really detailed, powerful pedagogy and is written in a transparent, unmarried voice that speaks on to scholars and mirrors how teachers speak in lectures.  during this revision, younger permits readers to turn into self sufficient, profitable newbies by means of together with hundreds and hundreds of extra workouts, extra possibilities to take advantage of expertise, and a brand new themed modeling undertaking that empowers them to use what they've got realized within the school room to the area open air the classroom.  The seamlessly built-in electronic and print assets to accompany Algebra & Trigonometry 3e offer extra instruments to aid clients event good fortune.

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2 # 14 7 3 61. 4b a , 9 27 65. 3x 9 , 4 16y a Z 0 y Z 0 58. 2# 9 3 10 62. 3a b , 7 21 66. 14m # 4 2 7 b Z 0 59. 2 10 , 7 3 63. 3x 6x , 10 15 x Z 0 64. 4 1 1 , 7 5 20 67. 3y 6x , 7 28 y Z 0 68. 2 1# 5 7 3 6 In Exercises 69–72, evaluate the algebraic expression for the specified values. 69. 71. ■ -c 2d for c ϭ Ϫ4, d ϭ 3 m1 # m2 r 2 for m1 ϭ 3, m2 ϭ 4, r ϭ 10 70. 2l ϩ 2w 72. x - m s for for l ϭ 5, w ϭ 10 x ϭ 100, m ϭ 70, s ϭ 15 A P P L I C AT I O N S On December 16, 2007, the United States debt was estimated at $9,176,366,494,947, and at that time the estimated population was 303,818,361 citizens.

Write complex numbers in standard form. 1 REAL NUMBERS S K I LLS O BJ E CTIVE S ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ C O N C E P TUAL O BJ E CTIVE S Classify real numbers as rational or irrational. Round or truncate real numbers. Simplify expressions using correct order of operations. Evaluate algebraic expressions. Apply properties of real numbers. ■ ■ Understand that rational and irrational numbers are mutually exclusive and complementary subsets of real numbers. Learn the order of operations for real numbers. The Set of Real Numbers A set is a group or collection of objects that are called members or elements of the set.

W OR DS M ATH Identify like terms. 3x2 + 2x + 4x2 + 5 Add coefficients of like terms. 7x2 ϩ 2x ϩ 5 Note: The 2x and 5 could not be combined because they are not like terms. EXAMPLE 2 Adding Polynomials Find the sum and simplify (5x2 - 2x + 3) + (3x3 - 4x2 + 7). Solution: Eliminate parentheses. 5x2 Ϫ 2x ϩ 3 ϩ 3x3 Ϫ 4x2 ϩ 7 Identify like terms. 5x2 - 2x + 3 + 3x3 - 4x2 + 7 Combine like terms. x2 Ϫ 2x ϩ 10 ϩ 3x3 Write in standard form. qxd 30 8/3/12 11:16 AM Page 30 C H A P T E R 0 Prerequisites and Review EXAMPLE 3 Subtracting Polynomials Find the difference and simplify (3x3 - 2x + 1) - (x2 + 5x - 9).

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