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By Frank C. Hawthorne, Roberta Oberti, Giancarlo Della Ventura, Annibale Mottana

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Can Mineral 36:1253-1265 Hawthorne FC, Cooper MA, Grice JD, Ottolini L (2000) A new anhydrous amphibole from the Eifel region, Germany: Description and crystal structure of obertiite, Na Na2 (Mg3 Fe3+ Ti4+) Si8 O22 O2. Am Mineral 85:236-241 Hawthorne FC, Oberti R, Cannillo E, Ottolini L, Roelofsen J, Martin RM (2001) Li-bearing arfvedsonitic amphiboles from the Strange Lake peralkaline granite, Quebec. Can Mineral 39:1161-1170 Hawthorne FC, Schindler M, Sokolova E, Abdu J, Evans BW, Ishida K (2007) The crystal chemistry of the gedrite-group amphiboles: II: Stereochemistry and chemical relations.

Am Mineral 83:167-171 Caballero JM, Oberti R, Ottolini L (2002) Ferripedrizite, a new monoclinic BLi amphibole end-member from the Eastern Pedriza Massif, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain, and a restatement of the nomenclature of MgFe-Mn-Li amphiboles. Am Mineral 87:976-982 Cámara F, Oberti R, Iezzi G, Della Ventura G (2003) The P21/m ↔ C2/m phase transition in synthetic amphibole Na NaMg Mg5 Si8 O22 (OH)2: thermodynamic and crystal-chemical evaluation. Phys Chem Mineral 30:570-581 Cámara F, Oberti F, Della Ventura G, Welch MD, Maresch WV (2004) The crystal-structure of synthetic Na Na2 Mg5 Si8 O21 (OH)3, a triclinic C1 amphibole with a triple-cell and excess hydrogen.

Amphiboles with small B cations (magnesium-iron-manganese-lithium, magnesiumsodium and lithium-sodium) The orthorhombic amphiboles have space-group symmetries Pnma and Pnmn, and the M4 sites have point symmetries 1 and 2, respectively. The monoclinic amphiboles have space-group symmetries C2/m and P21/m, and the M(4) sites have point symmetries 2 and 1, respectively. 26 ½. In BNa-BLi solid-solutions, both sites can be identiied by crystal-structure reinement (Oberti et al. 2004). 62 Å. However, within the calcic, sodic-calcic, sodic, and magnesium-iron-manganeselithium amphibole groups, there is no signiicant simple correlation between and .

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