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Clearly visible on the foredeck are the four pairs of SS-N-12 Sandbox SSM launch tubes, fine what the CIS Navy two pairs of which sit either side of a 3in (76mm) gun. Right: Like Novorossiysk, Minsk's foredeck is dominated by eight SS-N-12 Sandbox SSM launch tubes, for which sixteen reloads are carried. The elevated unit immediately ahead of the 3in (76mm) gun is the SUW-N-1 twin launcher, while the unit between the rear pairs of SS-N-12 tubes is a twin launcher for SA-N-3B Goblet SAMs. Eight anti-ship missile launchers are on her foredeck, with numerous other missiles on the superstructure and 3m (76mm) guns for more conventional defence.

It is clear from the plan view just how the deck has been divided into flightillustrate deck, superstructure and weapons area sections. ^HH ofe; et§r^" '*> 26 Above: Five Ka-25 Hormone-A ASW helicopters and a single Yak-38 Forger V/STOL fighter can be seen at various points on the deck of Moskva, photographed in the northern Atlantic Ocean during her first cruise outside the Black Sea. Note the angle flight deck. designations for their major ships. They did, however, have considerable potential other directions, such as intervention situations.

7ft 993, 1 6 AV-8B Harriers will be carried plus 1 (1 1 0m x 1 5m x 6m) hangar. By SH-3D Sea King helicopters (twelve in the hangar and six on deck). Later these will be replaced by EH. 101s. The long-standing dispute between the Navy and Air Force concerning the former's operation of fixed-wing aircraft dates back prior to the Second World War and was not clarified until 1989, when it was decided that embarked aircraft were purchased and operated by the Navy with the Air Force providing maintenance, any evaluation and additional pilots needed The first group of Navy pilots were trained in 990-91 by the US Marine Corps.

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