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By Jamie V. Trapp, Tomas Kron

Combining aspects of future health physics with drugs, An creation to Radiation safety in Medicine covers the heritage of the topic and the scientific occasions the place radiation is the device to diagnose or deal with human affliction. Encouraging beginners to the sector to correctly and successfully functionality in a flexible and evolving paintings environment, it familiarizes them with the actual difficulties confronted in the course of the software of ionizing radiation in drugs.

The textual content builds a primary wisdom base earlier than delivering functional descriptions of radiation security in drugs. It covers simple matters concerning radiation safety, together with the actual technology at the back of radiation security and the radiobiological foundation of radiation defense. The textual content additionally offers operational and managerial instruments for organizing radiation protection in a scientific place of work. next chapters shape the middle of the publication, targeting the perform of radiation defense in several scientific disciplines. They discover a number person makes use of of ionizing radiation in a variety of branches of drugs, together with radiology, nuclear drugs, exterior beam radiotherapy, and brachytherapy.

With contributions from skilled training physicists, this booklet presents crucial information regarding facing radiation security within the swiftly moving and various atmosphere of medication

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The type of repair mechanism depends on the type of damage. Single strand breaks, base damage, and many other simple lesions are repaired effectively by base excision repair. 9. As one strand of the DNA is still intact, it can be used to replicate the second strand after the affected area has been excised by enzymes, which are proteins that facilitate specific chemical reactions. 9 Base excision repair mechanism. 62 It takes several separate enzyme reactions to excise the damage, resynthesize the broken strand of DNA using the second strand as template, and rejoin the DNA together.

The most radioactive nuclei have very short half-lives. 1 Q: Iodine 125 is widely used in nuclear medicine and has a half-life of 60 days. Calculate the decay constant, the decay rate of a 4 MBq source after 120 days, and how long will it take for an 125I source to decay to 4% of its initial decay. 34×10 −7 ×120×24×360 = 625 kBq How long will it take for an 125I source to decay to 4% of its initial decay? 3 −7 t t = 278 days Electromagnetic Radiation Electromagnetic radiation covers an extremely broad range of energies, from very long wavelengths (extra-low-frequency radiation) to radio waves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays.

Indb 19 2/1/08 11:37:56 AM 20 An Introduction to Radiation Protection in Medicine concepts will then be extended in Chapter 3 to describe how radiation affects the human body. 1 Nuclear Structure The logical starting point when discussing radiation is its creation, or emission from an atom. The simplest atomic model to use for this purpose is the Bohr model, which consists of a nucleus of protons with positive electric charge and neutrons with no net electrical charge. 1. There can be a number of electrons with the same orbital radius, and this radius is said to be an electron shell.

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