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This undergraduate textbook is meant essentially for a transition path into greater arithmetic, even though it is written with a broader viewers in brain. the center and soul of this publication is challenge fixing, the place every one challenge is punctiliously selected to elucidate an idea, exhibit a method, or to enthuse. The routines require really vast arguments, artistic methods, or either, therefore offering motivation for the reader. With a unified method of a various choice of themes, this article issues out connections, similarities, and transformations between matters each time attainable. This ebook indicates scholars that arithmetic is a colourful and dynamic human firm by way of together with historic views and notes at the giants of arithmetic, by means of stating present job within the mathematical neighborhood, and by way of discussing many recognized and not more famous questions that stay open for destiny mathematicians.

Ideally, this article could be used for a semester path, the place the 1st direction has no necessities and the second one is a more difficult direction for math majors; but, the versatile constitution of the booklet permits it for use in various settings, together with as a resource of varied independent-study and examine projects.

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We then might conjecture that the expression 2n 1 is prime if, and only if, n itself is prime. In other words, we suspect that the following statements are true: • If 2n 1 is a prime number for some positive integer n, then n is a prime. • If n is a positive prime number, then 2n 1 is a prime. How can we decide if these statements are true or false? Let us first examine some examples. The table below contains the value and prime factorization of 2n 1 for n D 1; 2; : : : ; 12. 26 3 How to Make a Statement?

4. Given two points P and Q on a line l, and given an arbitrary distance d , there is a unique point R on l such that Q is between P and R and the points Q and R have distance d . Our proof above uses the axioms of algebra, such as the associativity, commutativity, and distributivity of addition and multiplication of numbers. 2n 1/: Our goal in this course is not to reduce every statement to the axioms—this would take too long and would not be very interesting. We will, however, see later in this course how this could be done.

Verify each entry in the table above, and extend the table to include the values a ˚ b for all 0 Ä a Ä 6 and 0 Ä b Ä 6. Remarks. Not surprisingly, the name Nim addition refers to the game Nim, introduced in Problem 6 of Chap. 1. n1 ; n2 ; : : : ; nm / exactly when the Nim sum n1 ˚ n2 ˚ ˚ nm D 0; and player First is able to win exactly when this Nim sum is not 0. 2˚3/˚5 D 1˚5 D 4 ¤ 0. , First) will win. 2 What’s the Name of the Game? 21 In fact, Nim addition governs the game Acrostic Twins (cf. Problem 9 (a) of Chap.

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