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By R.S. Soin, F. Maloberti, J. Franca

A wide-ranging publication with regards to combined analogue electronic ASICs, this name covers processing
technology, circuit concepts and construction blocks, layout and purposes, and CAD and assisting instruments

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In contrast to this situation, chapter 5 introduces switched-current techniques as a method of implementing analogue, Introduction sampled-data signal processing without the need to employ precision capacitors on chip. This makes switched-current techniques more suited to standard digital processing technology. The chapter discusses the basic principle behind this approach and gives various examples of basic building blocks, such as memory cells and integrators. The final part of the chapter also shows how Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters and complex blocks such as biquadratic sections may be obtained with this technique.

There are an additional nine parameters over level 1. Owing to the short-falls of the above models, Berkeley University have recently developed a MOS model called BSIM [5]. This model has a basis in the level 3 model described above, but has device parameters that are extracted from different geometry devices and then merged to provide a scaling model - however, there are still potential difficulties regarding discontinuities between the linear and saturated regions of operation. The model is usable for devices below lmm.

The results generally take the form of a depth dependent impurity concentration, in dl Stanford University Process Engineering Models 25 Technology and Modeling issues for an advanced BiCMOS ASIC process which the positions of any junctions or interfaces can be easily visualised. Inclusion of poly-silicon layers, oxides and nitrides play an integral part of the modelling capabilities and information can also be obtained on the number of active impurities present in a given layer (and the net chemical concentrations if desired).

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