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By E. Nieschlag (auth.), Prof. Dr. med., FRCP Eberhard Nieschlag, Prof. Dr. med. Hermann M. Behre (eds.)

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As in populations of lions, gorillas or others with a pronounced "harem" character. Here, the only fertile male is also the only possible procreator. This situation becomes more difficult if more than one fertile male is present, as in many assoeiations of primates. There are many observations in wild animals as weH as laboratory-based studies indicating a higher copulation rate in high-ranking males and females, as compared with the members of the same species at lower soeial positions (D' Amato 1988; Dewsbury 1982).

2 % in 1990 has been observed in China. This shift will lead to a shortage of women, resulting in approximately 1 million fewer women of marriageable age than men in 2010. Although it is theoretically possible that these girls have not been officially registered by the parents, there are several reports of infanticides in China (Coale and Banister 1994; TuIjapurkar and Feldman 1995). In the last few years, modern analytical methods have been used for determination of the foetal sex, and consequently the sex-selective abortion rate has increased.

Peritubular cells produce several factors that are involved in cellular contractility: panactin, desmin, gelsolin, smooth musde myosin and actin (Holstein et a1. 1996). These cells also secrete extracellular matrix and factors typically expressed by connective tissue cells: vimentin and fibroblast protein. Rat studies showed that periodical contractions occur in the peritubular cells leading to a peristaltic contraction of the seminiferous tubules (Harris and Nicholson 1998). It is believed that mature sperm are transported towards the exit of the seminiferous tubules by contraction of these cells.

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